Yearbook Volunteers Needed!
Wed, Sep 16 10:55pm

We are in need of 1-2 Yearbook Volunteer Leads to help gather photos for this year's yearbook. I know it's a crazy year, and the yearbook - like everything else - will not look the same as it has, but I know our kids - especially our 5th grade families - will want to have something to remember this time and a token of loving memories when they leave Otis. 


This is a great project for 4th or 5th grade parents to take on. I will be there to support you every step of the way!  We work with a great yearbook company that provides training on what we'll need to do. 


If we don't have parents to step up, we won't have a yearbook this year and that would be a shame.  If you are creative, love to be a part of the activities at Otis (or, at least take pictures of them),  please get in touch. 


There's a real opportunity to make this a really interesting yearbook that captures the absurdity, grit & resilience, humor & hard work that we're all putting out into the Otis universe.  Let's capture that for the ages! 



Jenny Beck