[Update] Kermesse in Hawaii
Tue, May 14 4:50pm
French American School


Aloha Dear FAASV Parents,

Kermesse goes Hawaiian on Saturday, June 8th!

There will be two levels of passport and ticket packages this year the Standard and the Family value bundles.

Sign-up sheets and envelopes will be posted next to each classroom to place your order, the deadline is May 31st.

If you order before May 31st, special rates will apply:

  Passport(single): $6 ($10 after May 31st)

 Food ticket: $1 each

 Standard Passport Bundle (passport + 10 food tickets): $15

 Family Passport Bundle (passport +  20 food tickets): $25.

 Raffle ticket:$2 each

 Raffle Bundle(10 raffle tickets): $15

If you decide to pay cash, please put the money in an envelope with your name on it.

When using checks, please make them out to the FASSV PTA.

If you are unable to attend this year’s Kermesse, we kindly ask you to cross off your name on the signup sheet.

More food tickets and individual passports will be sold at Kermesse but the packages will only be sold in advance!

All room parents are putting a lot of effort and energy to make this event happens, please provide them all the support they need!


The Kermesse Team

Cicie (PS), Erin (PS), Albina (2nd), and Selma  (2nd).