12/05/19 School Council Meeting Minutes
Mon, Dec 16 11:19pm

Dear FASSV Parents, 

The School Council met for the first time of the year on December 5. Please find the meeting minutes below and attached to this email.

We discussed the bylaws, the academic calendar, the parent handbook (including the illness and lice policy), school communication, the Thanksgiving camp, a pilot project in Art for 4th & 5th grades, and the after-school billing system. Text highlighted in RED represents an action item.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
-Samira, Pierre & Christine

12/05/19 School Council Meeting Minutes

Location: 4th grade classroom

Time: 6 – 8:30 pm


Admin: Pierre-Ludovic, Martine, Tiphany

Teachers & Staff: Jazmin, Marielle and Teresa

Parents: Samira, Pierre and Christine

School Council Bylaws

  • We reviewed the bylaws and Parent Representatives pointed out the need to change the term limit from 1 year to 2 years for elected members (i.e., parent reps and teacher & staff reps).

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

  • First day of school is Monday, August 24, 2020 (aligned with Cupertino school district).
  • Council agreed to move the fall break from 10/5-10/9 to 10/12-10/16 to align with ISTP and to give teachers an additional week to evaluate the students before the Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Last day of school is Thursday, June 11, 2021.
  • The rest of the calendar is very similar to the 2019-2020 calendar. There are still 173 school days in the school year.
  • Marielle raised the point that Teacher Assistants (TAs) have to work during the new Thanksgiving Camp, more so than when the school was open during those two days (teachers have two days off). Camps are very tiring and more demanding than regular school days. She would like TAs to be better compensated for their hard work during school camps in general.
  • Pierre-Ludovic explained some differences between teachers, TAs and staff, basically the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees in California.
  • Jazmin explained that she gives a binder with all the activities as well as the needed material to the TAs, so they don’t have to prepare everything (she does).
  • However, we all agreed that TA’s responsibilities are heavier during camps than regular school days. Even though the Council voted on the calendar, Parent Reps will talk to Pierre-Ludovic about an additional compensation for TAs during camps.

Parents Handbook

  • Martine presented 4 main changes initiated by faculty & staff:
    • Medication: “a copy of the prescription signed by the physician and a medication request from at least one parent is required for the School to administer any” All medication must be provided to the Front Office.
    • Disease and Illness: “In the case that a communicable illness is confirmed by a physician, parents are required to immediately notify the Front Office of the communicable disease so that other parents can be alerted. In the event that a student becomes sick at school, or there is a reasonable suspicion of a communicable illness (e.g., pink eye), the student will be taken to the Front Office for further evaluation, and if necessary, a parent or other authorized person will be contacted with the request to pick up the child.” Parent Reps asked that a list of communicable diseases (or a link to the CDC website) be included in the handbook, as well as reminder emails sent to parents. Admin agreed.
    • Lunch and Snacks: There are no more snacks provided in K by the school. Only about 30% of K students take them and some have their own snacks.
    • Field Trips: Parents who are chaperones should not come accompanied with younger siblings or other family members. It was also decided to include a note about how long it takes to get fingerprinted.
    • Air quality Guidelines: a table explaining actions taken by the school for different air qualities has been added to the handbook.
  • Lice policy: Parent reps wish to see more information in the handbook about what the school is doing to keep lice at bay. Currently, the school checks every child of the classroom + siblings (once), and sends an email to the parents of the class when a case if declared. Also, the school has a no-nit policy in place.
  • In light of the recent lice cases in 1st grade, parent reps asked that the school communicates each lice event to ALL the parents so that preventive measures can be taken at home. Council went to a vote and the motion was defeated 2-7.
  • Admin says they will tell all parents in the event of an outbreak (i.e., 10% of the students in a classroom). They also agreed to send reminder emails to parents until the infestation has cleared.
  • Pierre-Ludovic confirmed that classrooms are cleaned after 2 lice occurrences and during winter and summer holidays.
  • UPDATE: After the last email sent to 1st grade parents about another case of lice on 12/13, parent reps asked the admin to inform all school parents and also asked for a copy of the email sent to the parents to make sure it was informative and helpful to them. It turned out there was no lice this time (only dead nits). Martine forwarded the information guide (sent to parents whose children are affected by lice) to the parent reps, but not the copy of the email.

School Communication

  • From now on, all school events will be announced by email AND put on the calendar, on top of the newsletter.
  • PTA (i.e., Konstella) needs to be aligned with last minute changes! 😊
  • The idea of using a canopy outside for musical assemblies has been discussed (to protect from both the rain and the sun). Apparently, regulations for schools are complicated and Pierre-Ludovic doesn’t think it’s necessary for the number of assemblies we have.

Thanksgiving Camp

  • 50 students attended camp, 2 students for one day only.
  • The majority of students were from grade K and above (14 children in Pre-school and Pre-K).
  • Parents and staff congratulated Jazmin and the TAs for their hard work and recognized the huge improvement over the past 2 years!

Art Project with Shiva in 4th & 5th Grades

  • Martine explained that she synched up with Shiva and the 4th & 5th grade French teachers about a project where Shiva can help: geometric forms in 4th grade (during 3rd term), and building a town in 5th grade (during 4th term).
  • Shiva has to let Martine know whether she’s ok to help the French teachers on these projects.

Other Comments from Parents, Teachers & Staff

  • Christel was congratulated for the "harmony and diversity" project in the library!
  • After-school billing system: 15 min increments this year instead of 1 min last year; system is set up such that the $2.50 fee (per 15 min) is charged automatically as soon as a new quarter starts. It is the parents’ responsibility to be there on time if they do not want to be charged. There is a 10 (15?) min grace period at 3:30 pm for pickup.
  • Parents whose children have after-school activities must pick up their children on the activity site in order not to be charged for after-school.
  • Parent reps asked Pierre-Ludovic to communicate this clearly to ALL the parents.
  • Samira asked about the iPad policy in Pre-school and Pre-K. Marielle answered that iPads are used to play music (two songs only) for a few minutes to start circle time during after-school. No video is shown.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.