2018 First SCRIP Table: Friday 01/12/2018
Fri, Jan 12 8:00am-8:30am
French American School

Dear Parents,

Please let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018:health, happiness and success!

Our first SCRIP 2018 table will take place Friday 01/12/2018, I'll be happy to meet and answer to all your questions regarding the SCRIP program.

A BIG THANK YOU to all families who supported the FASSV community in 2017 :  

Ananth Family, Bahi Family,  Ben Said Family, Bouabid Family, Breil Family, Castel Family, Challamel Family, Chan Family, chanay Family, COUTURIER Family, Desmeules Family, Duteil Family, GALLARD BOCK Family, Guillot Crestey Family,  Haik Family, Hausmann Family, Kastani Family, Koch Family, LEE Family, Mazzola Family, Murray Family, Pepin Family, Perrot Family, Pinchon Family, Renault Family, reymond Family, Rolland Family, Spence Family, Teachers Family, Thomas-Droz Family, Trusz Family, Tsai Family,  

Thank you for supporting the School Community by participating in our SCRIP Program and help contributing to the activities that enrich the life of our children.

Selma Bensaid