2018-2019 Yearbook & Videos
Tue, May 7 11:49am
French American School



Update: I attached the order form, if you can't wait to have it available @ school :-)


As the team is working hard to put together the yearbook, we also need to start gathering the orders, so that we can have it printed and shipped -on time-, that is before the end of the year, and distributed.

This year, the price for the soft copy is 37$ and the hard copy is 47$.  You will soon find order forms on the panels for each class. PLEASE - use the order form. We need them filled legibly so that we can do the distribution. Remember to put the grade of your kid!


There will also be a collection of Videos made available - for 20$. We have not yet finalized the media, but DVD is unlikely since the content is limited and the resolution not so good. Please order at the same time.


Remember, all money gathered thru this directly benefits the PTA, and therefore the kids themselves.  So your contribution counts double: once for a happy face and memories for years to come, and once for funding of kids activities. 

Please make checks payable to FASSV-PTA.


Thank you.

Gilles & The Yearbook team