2019-2020 Academic Calendar poll results + school council meeting
Fri, Jan 18 8:14pm
French American School

Dear FASSV Parents,

We processed the votes for the different options regarding next year's academic calendar using ranked choice votingOption 4 came first (Close school during Thanksgiving week with a mini-camp from Monday, Nov 25 to either Tuesday, Nov 26 or Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019), followed by Option 1 (Start school two days later. The first day of school would be Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019), then Option 2 (Close school during Thanksgiving week from Monday, Nov 25 until Friday, Nov 29, 2019) and lastly Option 3 (End school two days earlier. Last day of school would be Tuesday, June 9, 2019). Let us know if you have any questions regarding this voting process and we'll be happy to explain.
At the School Council meeting on Monday 1/14 evening, each "party" gave the results of their constituents' votes (admin, teachers & staff, parents). The teachers & staff reported that Option 2 came first among their constituents; Pierre-Ludovic, JoAnn and Martine voted for Option 2 as well.
Since we have equal representation for each "party" (i.e., 3 elected representatives for the parents, 3 elected representatives for the teachers & staff, and 3 ex-officio school admin members), the majority of the School Council voted in favor of Option 2. Pierre-Ludovic announced it in his email on Tuesday.
What he didn't mention - but told us during the meeting - was that he was committed to trying to find a solution for parents that week in the form of a mini-camp. The school is planning to ask parents again regarding that option in September to see how many parents would like to have that option available indeed. We, as Parent Representatives, will make sure to follow up with the school.
Let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
-Sylvie, Pierre & Christine