2021-2022 FASSV-PTA Amended Budget: Please Review & Vote by June 5th
Tue, May 24 11:25am

Dear Parents;

Due to the constantly evolving situation with Covid, certain events and expenditures, including Kermesse, backpacks and apparel for 4th & 5th grade overnight field trips, and other social events, were not anticipated earlier this year when the budget was approved by the parent community. However, the Covid situation has improved and some events and activities have been restored. As a result, we have updated the PTA budget to include expenses and forecasted income related to these events and activities (highlighted in yellow in the attached presentation).

Despite an increase in expenditures, we anticipate a larger increase in fundraising dollars due to these events with a net increase in expected income. 

All expenditures by the PTA need to be voted on and approved by the parent community. Therefore, we are asking parents to please review and vote on the amended PTA budget no later than June 5th.  All FASSV parents are encouraged to participate.

The FASSV-PTA Amended Budget Presentation is attached below.

Link to voting form can be found here

For questions, please contact us at pta@fassv.org.  Thanks in advance for your participation and support!


~The PTA Team

Diana Roucoux ~ President

Selma Bensaid ~ Vice-President

Noori Khadem-Devanneaux ~ Secretary

Rachel  Land ~ Treasurer