Corporate Match
Sat, Oct 8 2:44pm

Double your Donation to the French American School of Silicon Valley with employer match.

Many companies match employees’ donations to nonprofit organizations.  
Please contact your human resources administrator to initiate a matching donation to FASSV PTA.
If you are interested in making a donation to the FASSV PTA and your employer has a matching program, you may need to provide the FASSV tax identification number, which is
EIN: 77-0315997.
Donations to FASSV PTA are tax deductible. So, if you donate $100 through your Company matching program, the school gets $200, and you get ($100 * your tax bracket) back. 
Please note that matched donations should be related to classroom activities/events or school supplies/projects, etc. Donations cannot be used for Yearbook, School T-shirts / Gears, Kermesse's Tickets purchase, or for Teacher Gifts ...
If you have any question please contact
The PTA Team,