EOY Teacher & Staff Thank You gifts: Today is the LAST day
Mon, Jun 3 7:23am
French American School

Final reminder that if you want to contribute to End of year Teacher and Staff gift, today is your last opportunity to do so.

Easy to do: fill the form available in the hallway and in front of the classrooms, write a check to FASSV PTA and leave these in the envelop on the PTA bulletin board in the hallway.


Please note that Thank you cards are still available for you to sign for one more week.


The PTA team and SCRIP Committee

Dear Parents,
The end of the year is soon approaching.  As in previous years, we would like to thank our teachers and staff for all their wonderful work with our children through a centralized gift collection. You can make a donation to any teacher or staff you wish to recognize and thank. It's simple:
1. Starting Tuesday afternoon, on your class board or PTA bulletin board, you will find a contribution form, which includes the names of all teachers and staff. You can fill in any amount you would like to contribute for any teacher or staff member. The contribution form is also attached here for your convenience.

2. Once completed,  please drop the form, with payment attached, in the envelope on the PTA board in the hallway. (Make checks out to FASSV PTA)




4.The teachers/staff members will be asked to choose their favorite SCRIP gift cards from a large selection of retailers.


5. Also, your room parents will provide you with Thank You cards to sign for your teachers - Thank You cards for other staff members will be on the PTA bulletin board. 
Cards along with gift cards will be given to teachers and staff before the last day of school.
Thank you,
The PTA Team & SCRIP Committee