FASSV Fundraiser: 2018 US Figure Skating Championships
Sun, Jan 7 6:00pm
French American School
16 days before
Can you believe the 2018 Winter Olympics are less than 3 months away (February 2018)! The last figure skating competition to select who will represent the USA in Pyeongchang is right here in San Jose. The competition occurs over the entire week so the best performance for children occurs on Sunday, January 7th at 6pm, The Skating Spectacular. This is the last chance to see our US Olympic figure skaters before we watch the Olympics on NBC.


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FASSV has received a group rate where you save up to 30% on the ticket price and part of the proceeds from every group ticket will benefit FASSV when you use this site for your purchase:


Enter code: FASSV


For Comparison the out the door prices with all fees included if you buy it individually online vs. via the FASSV link above is:

Seating Tier Red White Blue
Individual Price (online) $104.65 $83.65 $55
Group Price (online) $80 $60 $45
Savings w/ FASSV link 24% 28% 18%


If you are thinking about attending, both you and the school win.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What seats are available?

You are free to select any available seat(s) in the SAP Arena. There are three pricing tiers as I noted above. 


Does everyone taking advantage of this group deal have to purchase the same pricing tier? 

Not at all. Pick whatever seat you like independently of everyone else.


Are toddlers free?

Children over the age of 2 require a ticket.


What if I want to sit with my friends/family?

It's probably best to purchase the tickets for the group online at the same time.


How do I get my tickets? 

Download, print them out and bring them with you to SAP on the day of the event.


When do I have to purchase my tickets by? 

I was told 2 weeks prior to the event by the staff, however I realize the site says January 6. I would still recommend buying your tickets before Christmas just in case.


Can I share this link with friends, colleagues, and extended family?

Of course! The more tickets we sell the more FASSV benefits. However be sure to share this link and not copy the URL from your browser or it will not work.

And use code FASSV