FASSV PTA Budget & PTA Donation 2022-23 Results
Sat, Feb 4 3:03pm


Dear Parents,

The PTA Budget 2022/23 has been approved. Many thanks to the 65 parents who participated to the vote.
The parents selected the "Acquisition of new French books for Lower and Upper Campus Libraries" for the PTA Donation.
Below the answers to the questions we received through the Voting Form:
Q1- Thank you!
A1- You are more than welcome, thank you for taking time and voting!
Q2- Will 6-th graders also receive sweatshirts for Quebec?
A2- The 6th graders will use the sweatshirts  they received last year in 5th grade for the Quebec trip. Only new 6th grade students will receive a sweatshirt.
Q3- Do we need to incur a modest advertising budget for the rummage sale to help drive more foot traffic or are we happy with the turn out?
A3- We are looking into this for the Rummage Sale and the Winter Market, we are happy to receive any ideas!
Q4-I wish it were a bit more clear what kind of historical artifacts are being sought for the annual gift this year. Pending that I'm leaning towards the French books.
A4- Several parents reached out regarding the lack of details about the 2 projects. Next year, we will work closely with the head of school and ensure that more details are provided. Thanks.
Q5- Thank you for your work on this!
A5- You are more than welcome, thank you for taking time and voting!
Q6- Amazon smile is discontinuing its program in 2023. 
A6- Unfortunately, yes. We were not aware about this while working on the budget.  The team is continuously working on new fundraising events to compensate the loss that we will incur due to the Amazon Smile program ending.
Q7- why is there a konstella fee in 2023? Isn't konstella supposed to be free?
A7- Our free subscription ended in September 1st, 2022;  we had to switch to a paid plan. The PTA team decided to maintain Konstella as a tool to manage the communication with the Parents and all the Committees.
The PTA Team