FASSV-PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Call for Volunteers
Fri, Oct 8 10:59am

Dear FASSV families,


We hope your school year is off to a great start. We wanted to update new and returning families on the role of the FASSV-PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and who is serving on  the PTA board this school year (see bios below). 


The FASSV-PTA Board and its committees are composed of parents from the FASSV community. The PTA works with the school and parent community to organize activities and events throughout the school year to benefit our children. The PTA does fundraising to support these activities, of which all funds raised go towards this goal. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, many of the usual events and activities could not take place over the past year and a half, and there is still some uncertainty about how this school year will look. We are hopeful that some events can take place this year safely with modifications. The PTA will work closely with the school to ensure protocols are followed. 


Wanted: Parent Superheros!


The lack of activities over the past year and a half has led to attrition in our parent volunteer community. We really need parents to help us rebuild the PTA and its committees so we can continue to offer activities that enrich our school community. Specifically, we are looking for a Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and a Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator to join the PTA board, as well as volunteers to help with PTA committees such as Yearbook (one representative needed per class), SCRIP card sales, School Garden and T-shirt sales. Detailed descriptions of each role below. Some of these positions already have a committee head to lead, but more help is needed.


Many returning parents will recall that we usually have two Room Parents in each class to help organize specific PTA-sponsored events throughout the year. However, because we don’t anticipate doing our regular calendar of events, we will not ask for Room Parents this school year. Instead we will ask for a small group of parents to work on a specific event committee as needed, such as the Halloween parade or Winter Celebration. 


It can be easy to take for granted that a small number of parents are doing most of the volunteer work each year, so if you value offering your children school experiences beyond academics, we sincerely hope you will consider joining the PTA, a committee or step up to help with an event. This is a great way to enrich your child’s school experience as well as meet other parents in our community.  Moreover, both students and parents benefit from the collective creativity and fresh ideas when a greater number of  parents are involved, which makes the activities more enjoyable for everyone. 


As you read some of the PTA bios below, you will see that our team members have volunteered multiple years in different capacities, and in some cases multiple roles at the same time. And while this work is fulfilling, some of us have children in higher grades who will be leaving at the end of this school year, or have other obligations and passions to pursue, therefore we really need parents to whom we can pass the torch to keep the traditions going for future FASSV students, so we urge all 300+ parents in our community to consider volunteering in some capacity during their time at FASSV. If you would like to join our awesome team of volunteers, please email pta@fassv.org.

FASSV PTA Board - Positions Needing Volunteers


Treasurer -Open

This role includes maintaining all finances related to PTA activities, preparing the annual PTA budget, and working with the school for auditing and oversight purposes.  The Treasurer attends PTA meetings as needed and provides input to the team on PTA expenses and activities.


Assistant Treasurer -Open

This role will support the PTA Treasurer in maintaining all finances related to PTA activities. This may include tracking and collecting payments for PTA activities and other tasks as assigned by the Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer attends PTA meetings as needed and provides input to the team on PTA expenses and activities.


Fundraising & Volunteer Coordinator -Open

This role will support PTA fundraising activities and will help to actively recruit volunteers to fill open committee positions. Attends PTA meetings as needed and provides input to the team on fundraising and volunteer activities.


FASSV PTA Committees - Positions Needing Volunteers



Committee Head: Frank Chen, father of Leanne (PreK/MS)

Volunteers Needed: 1 parent per class

Time Commitment: Low to Medium, ongoing throughout the school year

The yearbook committee collects pictures from school events (e.g. Halloween parade), as well as activities, field trips, etc. throughout the school year. Due to limited access this year, parents will need to work with teachers and staff to collect pictures from some school related activities. Parent reps from each class organize their classroom’s yearbook pages with guidance and oversight from the yearbook head. 


SCRIP Fundraising

Committee Head: Selma Bensaid

Volunteers Needed: 1 additional parent to co-chair with Selma

Time Commitment: Low to Medium, ongoing throughout school year

The SCRIP Program is a large fundraising source for the PTA. The SCRIP Program works by selling retail cards at face value from a large choice of retailers, many of which include everyday purchases for things such as gas, groceries, household items and clothing. SCRIP gives the PTA a rebate on these retail cards. However because parents purchase the retail cards at face value, it does not cost them anything additional, but collectively the rebates add up to substantial fundraising for the PTA.  Tasks include managing the SCRIP card inventory and communicating and promoting the program to the parent community. This includes educating parents about how the program works, as well as selling and distributing retail cards at school during pickup/drop-off at designated times (e.g. ~2 times per month).


School Garden

Committee Head: Amandine Blondin

Volunteers Needed: 1-2 additional parents to help with planting/watering

Time Commitment: Low to Medium,  ongoing throughout school year

The School Garden includes several large planters and barrels located throughout the campus. Each classroom has one or more dedicated planters. Tasks include working with teachers to manage the seasonal planting for each class and coordinating volunteers to plant, water and harvest.


School T-shirt Sales

Volunteers Needed: 1 parent

Time Commitment: Low, ongoing throughout school year

Families need to purchase school t-shirts for school field trips and school spirit days. Tasks involve keeping inventory stocked and sending communication to parents and holding periodic sales throughout the school year to give parents an opportunity to purchase t-shirts and other school branded clothing and merchandise. 


Whether you are new to the school, new to volunteering at FASSV, have special skills or talents to share, or just want to join our team of parent volunteers, we will find a role for you!  Please email pta@fassv.org.

Meet the 2021-2022 FASSV-PTA Board


Diana Roucoux - President

I am Diana Roucoux, mom to three amazing kids, Ella (12, FASSV alumni), Alex (10) and James (4) and have been part of the FASSV community for almost a decade. This is my fourth year serving as PTA President at FASSV. I have also previously served two years as Secretary on the PTA Board, and have been a Room Parent when my children were in Pre-K and First Grade, where I helped to organize the Halloween parade and Thanksgiving Lunch.  In addition, I helped multiple years with French Scholastic book orders, as well as helped on the Book Fair committee to organize French Book Fairs at our school. I have also helped to organize social events for the parents, such as the Garden Party and Soiree des Vins. I am passionate about offering activities that help to cultivate our children’s school experience and that bring our school community together.  With safety in mind, I am hopeful that we can still offer some of the usual fun activities and I invite you to join our team of volunteers or help at school events to make this a memorable school year for our children. 


Selma Bensaid - Vice President

I'm Selma, Elias and Eya's mum. Elias graduated from FASSV in 2018 and Eya is in the 5th Grade. I've been leading the SCRIP Committee since 2017 and I have been a room parent for 2 years, where I contributed to organize the Halloween parade,  Thanksgiving lunch, the Winter Celebration, the International week lunch,  as well as the Kermesse (my favorite event!). In 2020, I officially joined the PTA Board  as Vice President; during this special school year I worked on different topics and contributed to the yearbook. I really enjoy being part of the PTA team and supporting our school community. It is not alway easy for a working mum, but the smiles of all these little faces are an inestimable reward!


Noori Khadem-Devanneaux - Secretary

I am  Noori Khadem-Devanneaux and I have served as PTA Secretary for 2 years and Vice President as well. I have worked on social events for the school, coordinated various events, but my favorite was last year’s Hawaiian day! I was born and raised in California, and lived in the Bay Area my whole life, specifically in Los Altos since the second grade. I am now raising my daughter Sofia (4th grade) with my husband Thomas, and our pandemic baby Sebastien in my hometown; what an amazing experience!  My educational background is in Healthcare and I teach and direct a pharmacy program at a local community college. When I am not in the classroom, you will find me at the local community hospital pharmacy, where I do pharmacy operations. I don’t speak much French, but I do speak conversational Farsi. I love to talk, to be heard, and to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me at the park just behind FASSV most days after school with Sofia and Sebastien. Come and visit me!