Fall Scholastic Book Fair - Status Report
Thu, Sep 26 8:59pm
Dear FASSV families: Our goal for the fair was to reach the $2,500 mark for our school to get 50% of the total pre-sale amount as library books.  As of tonight, we have sold books worth $2,982 (not including sales tax)! We are so excited to have achieved above and beyond our goal. Thank you so much to all the parents, students, and teachers who stopped by, purchased books, and to those who volunteered - you've made the fair a great success! The raffle was drawn tonight and the lucky winner is....the SMAGGHE family. Congratulations! You can collect your basket of books from the fair tomorrow morning at school drop-off, or later on at reception. You can still buy books tomorrow morning, as the fair will officially close around 8.45am.   Michelle and Cynthia