Halloween Parade
Mon, Oct 21 10:32am

Dear Parents, 

The Halloween parade will take place this Thursday, October 31th at 8:45 am in Serra Park next to our campus. This year's parade is organized by Pre-K/MS and we would like to provide you with a few important details that will help make this a memorable event for the children. 

  • The parade will last approximately 1-1,5 hours .
  • Children should arrive at school in their costumes before 8:30 am. Costumes should not be scary to the younger students. If your child is easily frightened or sensitive, you may wish to accompany them during the parade. 
  • Please bring a change of clothes for after the parade as costumes are not allowed to be worn in class. 
  • No weapons (guns, swords, etc.) of any kind are allowed.
  • Masks must to be worn on top of the head or taken off during the parade.

Children will be moving through a series of different themed stations and will collect trick-or-treat items along the way. Students will line up with youngest grades first. 

The parade will end at the "Pumpkin Patch Photo Station" where the pictures will be taken by Preschool room parents. If parents could send their best pictures to Gilles Lamant for the Yearbook, that would be very much appreciated. 

Younger siblings may attend, but must be under the supervision of a parent. 

Volunteers are needed from each classroom. If you wish to help set up, run or clean up your class station, please contact your room parent or look for the sign-up sheets on your classroom board. 

If you have any question about the parade, please contact your room parent.

Thank you in advance for all your help and we look forward to seeing you at the parade! 

PreK room parents.