International Buffet is tomorrow!
Thu, Apr 11 10:15am
French American School

Dear parents,


International Buffet is tomorrow. We have a nice selection of food on the sign-up sheet. A big thank you! Here is some more information and friendly reminders.


To ALL parents:

1- Thank you for providing your child with a reusable plate, reusable glass and reusable utensils if possible. This in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated by the event. Note that disposable cutlery will also be available. 


To all parents bringing dishes:

1- Plan on preparing a dish serving about 20 students.

2- You have the option to drop off your COLD/ROOM temperature food in the morning. We will provide a table in the hallway to collect your dishes.

3- Please bring your WARM food in between 10:30 AM and 10:50 AM (no later than 11:00 AM).  We will start serving food at 11:15 AM. The goal is to keep food at safe temperatures.

4- Please bring serving ustensils along with your food.

5- Label your plates/utensils (it will be easier to pick up).


Thank you very much !


Stephanie and Andreanne

For any question or logistical consideration related to your dish, text or call (650) 495-9966 (Andreanne).