International week buffet
Fri, Apr 12
French American School
1 day before

Dear parents,


A big thank you to all who will volunteered to bring a dish for the International Buffet.


Please read the following information :

1- Plan on preparing a dish serving about 20 students

2- You have the option to drop off your COLD/ROOM temperature food in the morning. We will provide a table in the hallway to collect your dishes.

3- Please bring your WARM food in between 10:30 AM and 10:50 AM (no later than 11:00 AM).  We will start serving food at 11:15 AM.

4- Please bring serving ustensils along with your food.

5- Label your plates/ustensils (it will be easier to pick up).


Thank you very much !





Entree (Main course) Signed Up: 16 / 18

Fri, Apr 12
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Dessert Signed Up: 14 / 18

Fri, Apr 12
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