Kermesse: Please order your passports !
Fri, May 17 11:52am
French American School

Dear Parents,

The Kermesse order sheets have been displayed at the main entrance of each classroom, please take a few minutes to place your orders before May 31st.

What is a Passport: a pass to let the children play the games put on by each class and win prizes. You will need a passport per kid.

What is a Food ticket: currency to buy food, drinks, snacks, and desserts. Example: most drinks = 1 ticket and food = 2 or 3 tickets

What is a Raffle ticket: tickets to participate in the raffle and win one of the 8 Raffle Baskets the Room Parents are preparing!

If you order before May 31st, special rates will apply:

  Passport(single): $6 ($10 after May 31st)

 Food ticket: $1 each

 Standard Passport Bundle (passport + 10 food tickets): $15

 Family Passport Bundle (passport +  20 food tickets): $25.

 Raffle ticket:$2 each

 Raffle Bundle(10 raffle tickets): $15


The Kermesse Team

Cicie (PS), Erin (PS), Albina (2nd), and Selma  (2nd).