Konstella: Our Communication Platform for the Parent Community
Thu, Oct 21 10:19am

Konstella: Our Communication Platform for the Parent Community 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out and download the Konstella app, please do so. This tool allows for communication among parents at the classroom level, as well as keeping our FASSV community informed about school events. 

As an individual parent, you will probably find the ‘chat’ function useful. This allows you to post a message to your entire class or simply message one or more parents individually by using the “message subgroup” feature. 

To ensure you are receiving messages by phone or email, please be sure to select your communication preferences in ‘account settings’. 

Want to ensure that you are receiving announcements in real-time? Select “immediate phone notification and email.”

Receiving too many messages and feeling message fatigue? Select “Daily digest email” in your account settings, and receive all your messages once a day. 


Konstella communication is exclusively managed by the FASSV-PTA for the parent community. Please note that all parents are automatically included in the Konstella platform at the beginning of the school year and therefore will receive classroom messages and announcements. However, you must be registered on Konstella to use all the features, including the chat function or making changes to your communication preferences. Registering on Konstella is fast and easy, simply scroll down to the bottom of any recent announcement and click ‘Register,’ or send an email to ptat@fassv.org to request an invitation be sent to you.