LAST CHANCE for Kermesse passports and tickets!
Wed, Jun 5 2:00pm
French American School

Are you ready yet?  It's going to be here in just a few days!!  KERMESSE!!!

We will be doing a FINAL distribution of preorders tomorrow in the playground at drop off 8-8:30.  You can even still do a last minute new order tomorrow morning! 


Let's have a heart to heart about picking up (or placing) your preorder.  It's going to be a HOT and SUNNY Kermesse this year (current predictions are at 85 F/29 C).  You do not want to wait the 15 minutes after the performances to get in line to buy tickets to then get another line to buy your Snow Cone or a just a bottle of water.  Get everything now and you can have it while it's cold and fresh then let the kids loose on the games right away.


We will be out bright and early to help you out! Just come and get it before it's too hot.

PS  Don't forget about the raffle tickets.  Just check out those baskets in the hall!