La Kermesse: A Huge Success!! THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Parent Community
Thu, Jun 16 7:45am

              THANK YOU !


>>> Link to the Kermesse Movie <<<!Atwe_58JDfhWhiJlifiYic4OIX_L


After two years with no end of year celebration, the traditional French Kermesse was back in full swing. Parents arrived in the early hours of the morning to set-up and make the day special for our children, and it sure was!

Special thanks to : Shane Harms, for driving to San Francisco at 5:00 am to get fresh baguettes!!!

 Anne-Sophie Leroy  for designing the beautiful My French Kermesse passport

The May Family  for making cotton candy!

Shout out to the whole La Kermesse is back team :

Veronique Tzevelekis, Amel and Nico Breil, Jodi Harms, Gwladys Louis-Marie, Guillaume Duteil, Vanessa Lesage, Stacy Brown, Luwam Semere, Sophie Goutarel, Susy Mclnerny May and Felicity Bezard  in collaboration the with the PTA officers, Diana Roucoux, Selma Bensaid, Rachel Land, Noori Khadem-Devanneaux.

We also want to recognize the FASSV Alumni who helped out.

A BIG Thank you to the FASSV Alumni who volunteered at the hugely popular balloon animal station and food station, this was a big hit!


A special THANKS to our sponsors who donated  for our raffle : 


My Bulle Toys: Generous donation of 300 $ with 2 wonderful raffle baskets of unique books and toys !


MA BOX Française: Donation of a raffle basket of gourmet food!


Cuisinett bistro and Market: Donation of $100 Gift certificate


Frenchery: Donation of a raffle basket of gourmet food!


Michaels Crafts: Donation of Arts and Craft Basket


Also Big THANK YOU to the FASSV community for their generosity with the legos, which created 3 amazing Lego raffle baskets!!!


MERCI to Our FOOD and Drinks Sponsors, and our parent community who brought delicious dishes and drinks as well as helping out at the event  !!!




Fabrique Delices, who donated a lot of nice meats as well as lending us a canopy,

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Acme Bread: Discounted Baguettes and very generous donation of Bread

Goudy’s French Cuisine: Discounted sausages


Target: Donation of $100 Gift certificate


Trader Joe’s: Donation of $60


Zanotto’s Markets: Donation of several packs of bottled water





Bonnes vacances !!!!