Presentation slides + Call for Candidates
Mon, Sep 23 - Mon, Sep 30

Dear FASSV Parents,


Thank you for coming to the School Council presentation last Thursday!  It was a pleasure meeting you. Your questions and comments are really helpful.


For those parents who were not able to attend the presentation, you can find a copy of the slides here.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.


We would also like to make a CALL FOR CANDIDATES for the School Council. We have room for one more Parent Representative and a parent substitute. Parent Representatives are elected for two years. Check out the presentation slides for more details about the composition and the role of the School Council.


You have until Monday, September 30 to present your candidacy by reaching out to either Pierre-Ludovic or your Parent Reps. So far we have one parent interested. We need YOU! :)



-Christine & Pierre