Rummage sale thank you note !
Tue, May 24 12:22am
Dear FASSV Community,
We wanted to share with you the pictures of the 2022 Rummage sale event, the first one since the pandemic started.
We had many families from the school visiting, but also new families interested to know more about the school and middle school. We also had a lemonade stand operated by alumni and actual FASSV students! They did so well!! Future successful business people in the making!!!
Beyond raising close to $2,000 dollars, we had the chance to educate ourselves and our kids on how to consume in a better way and reduce the amount of waste. In the process we created memories and relationships between people in our community. We are a tight-knit small school and that’s what makes us unique! 
A note from the Rummage Sale Organizers:
The rummage sale is all about: talking, meeting new friends, finding the new backpack for the back to school day, the perfect book for this summer, enjoying a homemade lemonade, letting our kids choose a new halloween outfit, or buying the next 300 or 1000 pieces puzzle …. Rummage sale was a wonderful event, thanks to you all, who donated, who came to help, who came to buy, or just came just to say hi.
Thanks to our community for being so unique.
Thanks to the family who donated fruits to make our homemade lemonade.
Thanks to the mother who could not take her car at 7 am in the morning and called an Uber so she could come and help.
Thanks to the mother who offer me my first lemonade that I made but did not taste until she came and paid me a glass of it.
Thanks to our wonderful teacher who came at 7 am to help with her family.
Thanks to the mother who came to help instead of celebrating her anniversary.
Thanks to the mother with 3 kids who had guests at her house for dinner but came to help us anyway.
Thanks to our school staff members who came and bought nice clothes for their kids.
Thanks to the dad who helped us the night before by caring many many boxes. 
Thanks to the mothers and fathers who came to help us at the end of the day and drive leftover to Goodwill
Thanks to Juan for always being around to help when needed.
Thanks to Martine who was here the day before until very late and the day of Rummage sale until very late.
Thanks to the mother who came with sugar because we bought coffee but forgot to buy sugar.
Thanks to the mother who decided to buy one of our most prestigious donations, a brand new Lancel bag, our most expensive item. 
Thanks to the mother who reminded me to tell people to bring cash and checks on the flyers and reusable bags
Thanks to the mothers who brought their lemonade machine.
Thanks to the mother who was kind enough to count the cash we made at the end, $2,000!
Thanks to the mother who organized our shoes department on the floor.
Thanks to our students for being so dedicated to their lemonade stand and for being so funny and committed.
Thanks to the father who helped an American grandma from the neighborhood in finding French books for her French grandson who is now studying in Boston.
Thanks to all our kids who came and took time to look at every little items it was beautiful to see them outside the school gate and with their big smiles.
Thanks to all of you, who brought items, books, clothes, candles, cookware, shoes, soccer gear, swimming gear, bags, toys, puzzles, you name it, we had it.
Thanks for your smile and all your kind and supportive messages to make this event happen.
Go Fassv strong, next event: La Kermesse!
Thanks to everyone it was a memorable day! We do it for our kids for us, lets connect and reconnect!

Amel Breil on behalf of LA Rummage Sale Team