SCRIP News 02/2020
Thu, Feb 6 9:29pm

Dear Parents,

Thanks to you parents and staff members participating to the SCRIP Fundraising  program we collected since Augusts 2019, $1,099.44 for our school.

 Many thanks to:

  • Adams, Geraldine
  • Bahi, Anne-Lorraine
  • Bailly, Marina
  • Ben Said, Selma/Wassym
  • Breil, Amel
  • Chan, Willie
  • Chavancy, Charlotte
  • Chebykina, Albina
  • Clabo, Carol
  • Dochez, Lena
  • Duchamp, Philippe
  • Duteil, Camille
  • Garcia Rosell, Fernando
  • Guirguis, Cherif
  • Haik, Victoria
  • Ismail, Niveen
  • Korobitsyna, Maria
  • Pepin, Christine
  • Perrot, Pierre Ludovic
  • Renault, Mickael
  • Roucoux, Diana
  • Siguenza, Teresa
  • Spence, Allyson
  • Staszewicz, Anna
  • Trusz, Martine
  • Vilardebo, Marta
  • Wallace, Catherine

As last year, our Target is  $3,000 per June 2020, so please help us achieving it!

Through the SCRIP program, you contribute to the activities that enrich our children's life and make them enjoying their school.

If you want to know more about SCRIP program, please stop by on Friday morning during the SCRIP table I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

You can also visit the SCRIP  website and create an account :

 Go to

  • Click on “register”.
  • Choose “join a scripprogram”.
  • Enter the enrollment code DC8DB5C83L665 to set up your family’s account.