SCRIP Target for 2018/2019: $1242.49/$3500.00
Sun, Feb 3 8:12pm
French American School

Dear Parents,

This year the PTA Team and the SCRIP Committee decided to share with you the SCRIP Target for the year and keep you informed at a monthly basis where we are toward this target.

For the 2018-2019 Scholastic year, the SCRIP target is $3500.00.

As per today, we collected through the SCRIP program $1242.49, Many thanks to the families and the staff members listed below for their support!

  • Adams, Geraldine
  • Azevedo, Celine
  • Bahi, Anne-Lorraine
  • Bailly, Marina
  • Ben Said, Selma
  • Beyler, Erin
  • Bouabid, Nawel
  • Breil, Amel
  • Chanay, Audrey
  • Charbonneau, Andreanne
  • Chebykina, Albina
  • Desmeules,Staszewicz, Daniel
  • Di Pietro, Cynthia
  • Duchamp, Philippe
  • Duteil, Camille
  • Esfahani, Mahsa
  • Garnier, Virginie
  • Gerard, Stephane
  • Haik, Victoria
  • Khadem, Noori
  • Korobitsyna, Maria
  • Lamant, Gilles
  • Mazzola, Didier
  • Murray, Nicole
  • Nguyen, Thao
  • Pepin, Christine
  • Perrot, Pierre Ludovic
  • Renault, Mickael
  • Roucoux, Diana
  • Siguenza, Teresa
  • Spence, Allyson
  • Swan, Julia
  • Thomas-Droz, Sylvie
  • Trusz, Martine
  • Yang, Qing

Please find here the list of available SCRIP cards in the Inventory as well as their give back percentage.

Please join us to achieve this goal for our kids!


The SCRIP Committee