Scholastic English Book Fair - Raffle tonight!
Thu, Sep 28 9:07am
French American School

Dear FASSV Families:


Thanks a lot to all the parents and students who stopped by and to parents who are participating as volunteers. 


It's still not too late to avail of the wonderful books on display at the fair. We will close tomorrow at 9:00 am!


The raffle will be drawn at 6 pm today, if you are buying books, please do so before 6pm today so your child is included in the draw.

Progress Report:

Up till this  morning, we sold books worth $2,498 so far!!

Goal: $2500 by Friday


We have to reach the $2500 mark for the school to get 50% of the sales as library books. 



We look forward to your continued support to making this a success.

Thank you,

Emilie Kastani & Caroline Katis

FASSV Parent Volunteer for Scholastic 

Moms to Joseph (3rd), Alkisti (K), Philippa (PS) & Tessa (K)