School Council Meeting Summary + Parents Feedback
Wed, Oct 17 10:31am
French American School
Dear FASSV Parents,
We are Pierre Guillot, Christine Pepin, and Sylvie Thomas-Droz, your parent representatives at the School Council. We had our first meeting with the teacher & staff and the administration representatives on October 2nd. We would like to give you a brief summary of the agenda items that were discussed at the meeting (see below and as an attachment for your convenience), as well as ask for your feedback in this survey. Please make sure you read the meeting summary before taking the survey!
Please feel free to contact us regarding ANY item or topic that is of concern to you (even if not on the agenda). Let us know if you have ideas for other surveys you'd like us to prepare in the future.
Thank you!
Oct 2, 2018 School Council Meeting Summary
  1. 2019-2020 Academic Calendar
    • Next year's calendar was reviewed. It's very similar to this year's calendar. The question of whether Parent-Teacher Conferences should be more spread out (so school remains open throughout the conferences and teachers are less worn out) was raised. 
    • Sylvie asked whether we could move the 2-week Spring Break up by one week. This way, Spring Break would fall on 4/6-4/17/20, as opposed to 4/13-4/24/20 as it is currently planned, and would more likely align with other public schools' breaks.
  2. Parent Handbook Revision
    • The illness policy is hard to enforce at the school. Janelle would like parents to take responsibility in keeping sick children at home until they feel better and are not contagious. This would limit spreading the illness to other students and teachers/staff.
    • If parents go see the doctor, the school would like to have a doctor's note on when the child can return to school.
    • The administration would like to see parents return their forms (medical, general contact information, etc.) with their enrollment contract so that the school remains compliant with California's laws. Right now, many parents do not - or forget - to fill out these forms which puts the school at risk in the event of an audit.
  3. 2018-2021 School Action Plan
    • The school has started working on a 4-year action plan. Three objectives were voted on: 1) Bilingualism, 2) Citizenship, and 3) Technology. More details will be given at the next School Council meeting in December.
  4. Back to School Report
    • Martine gave a report on pedagogical initiatives, standardized tests, field trips & outreach programs, and enrichment activities. FASSV students are doing quite well in MAP and ERB (5th grade only) tests, though it would be good to compare them to other schools (both private and public) in the area rather than on a national level. Pierre-Ludovic will check whether data is available.
    • Due to the new fingerprinting process, only one field trip par class is scheduled for the 1st semester. More fields trips should be expected moving forward.
  5. Representatives' Feedback and Questions
    • Christine raised the point of reinstating specialized teachers for PE and Science in Cycle 2 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Art in Cycle 3 (4th, 5th) grades. (Some parents voiced their opinions at the Head of School Coffee on 10/2 and most attendees felt the same way about specialized teachers. One opinion was divergent on PE.) Pierre-Ludovic re-explained the pedagogical reasons behind this curriculum change which took place two years ago and specified it was not due to budgetary reasons. Josie explained that teaching Science for less than 1 hr and preparing for experiments (in Cycle 2) takes times and can be difficult and stressful. 
    • Pierre asked when the school will know for sure whether it has to move to another campus. Pierre-Ludovic answered that FASSV will remain at its current site until at least the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Things are uncertain beyond that date (for now) but he is in close communication with the Cupertino School District.