School council update on Lice/nits and tuition
Tue, Jan 28 3:35pm

Dear FASSV Parent Community,


Samira, Christine and I, the Parent Representatives at the School Council, have been busy with a couple of hot topics in December and January and we wanted to give you an update.


The first topic has to do with the many cases of lice/nits that occurred over the last few months. As written in the Parent Handbook, the school has a "no lice or nits" policy. Despite this policy, we had several cases of nits (no live lice apparently) in Pre - K and 1st grades. The School Council is taking this problem very seriously and we discussed it at length at our last meeting on 12/5/19. We, the Parent Reps, sent numerous emails to the administration to ask them to provide more information to the parents about what to do in case of an infestation, what the school is doing to prevent any spread (e.g., check all the students of a class and their siblings, cleaning of the carpets, etc.) and send reminders to ALL parents about checking their child(ren)'s heads after school breaks. The admin acknowledged that they didn't properly communicate with the parents on this topic and as a result, Pierre-Ludovic sent an email yesterday to the parent community explaining the different actions put in place during the last month. School staff is trained in detecting lice/nits but, unfortunately, false alarms do occur, especially with nits. Therefore it is important that parents stay well informed about precautions and treatments to remove lice/nits and this link to the CDC website may help. As part of "no nit/lice" policy, children need to be picked up after spotting nit/lice and can't stay in school unlike other public schools in California.  Some parents are against hiring a third party professionals to search the children's head.  Therefore, as for now, three staff members will be checking the infested head to reassure the diagnosis is accurate.  We parents agree that the main focus of the teachers should be on teaching and caring for our children instead of checking the children's head.  It is very important for parents to do their due diligent and check their children's head regularly to detect "line/nit" sooner than later to prevent any further spreading.   


The second hot topic are the tuition fees. Tuition is not part of the School Council's attribution, but we reached out to the Board to get some explanations on the yearly tuition increase, as well as inquire about a possible sibling discount. The Board discussed it at their meeting on 1/13 and agreed to communicate with the parents more and to be more transparent and accountable to the community. We told them it was a long awaited announcement indeed, and that they should forward the response they sent us to the entire community. We also asked for a second state-of-the-school address (or town hall) where parents could meet and ask Board members questions about their plans, the budget, etc. We think this face-to-face interaction with the Board would be beneficial for everybody. Cyril Isnard, FASSV Board Chair, responded that they would take our suggestions into account. However, we will keep this topic on our plate until we see concrete results.


You can count on us to push your concerns, but also your cheers, to the School Council, the administration and the Board. Don't hesitate to come talk to us in case you have any questions.


Have a good week!

Christine, Samira and Pierre