Sean & Lori
Wed, Oct 28 9:43pm

Dear FASSV Parents,

By now, the majority of you must have heard the news that our beloved English teachers Sean and Lori are leaving the school at the end of next week. We are all in shock. No one - no student, no parent - was expecting it, it seems. Christel, our Librarian, is no longer working at school. Unfortunately, no email was sent to inform us and to allow us to bid her farewell.  We were all under the impression and trusting that the school was doing everything it could to retain its teachers and staff members in such difficult times.

Lori and Sean, as well as many other teachers at the school, are the reason many of us decided to remain at FASSV during remote learning. They spent an incredible amount of time building and developing their remote learning program over the summer and deserve praise for it. Moreover, they have such a strong connection with the students, who love them back dearly, that it seems very surprising they would throw all of this away and leave the school.

The survey we completed for the school admin in August did not give any details about the school reopening, how the teachers and staff felt about it, and what a typical schedule may look like for different options. In that sense, it was very one-sided. As parents, we were given as little information as possible. We know some of you reached out to the school to try to get more details. Better communication about the potential plans and the teachers' situation would have been welcome even in an environment as challenging as today.

We must now step up and try to retain Sean and Lori at FASSV, as well as other teachers who might be hesitant and feel the pressure because of the reopening of the school. They should know that they may come back only if they feel safe at school. We understand the parent and student situations are not ideal either, but safety for everyone must come first if we are to overcome this pandemic together.

Let us know if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments, etc. For instance, here is a letter addressed to Sean and Lori, and written by parents, to tell them how much we value and love them, and to confirm that we are fine with continuing distance learning in English for the rest of the year. Please sign on if you agree.

Thank you!

-Pierre, Samira, Christine (School Council Reps)