Silent Auction. In 24 hours, it will be too late!
Wed, May 22 10:01pm
French American School

Dear all,


A final note about the Silent Auction (


Thanks to all parents, staff and teachers who participated, we have reached more than 3000$ profit for the school!

For those who haven't had the chance to participate or people who have been outbid, you still have until Thursday 10PM to join the fun or get your item back :-)


Technical precision. To avoid "auction sniping" a.k.a last minute outbid leaving no chance to others, this auction has an automatic extended bidding, which means that the end time of an item auction is automatically extended by 3 minutes when it receives a bid in the final 3 minutes. This process repeats until no new bids are received during the final 3 minutes of the item bidding window or the auction has been extended for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time. When an auction is extended, you will see Extended Bidding messages displayed throughout the auction with a link for easily viewing all extended items.


Happy Bidding,


The PTA Team