Thanksgiving Lunch ==> Need your help for Food & Drinks
Tue, Nov 14 9:05pm
French American School

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank all the parents who already signed for Thanksgiving Food & Drink and who volunteered for serving ...!

We still need your help since several items in the list are still missing, please have a look to the table below: items highlighted in green are FILLED, items highlighted in orange are NOT FILLED.

Please fill free to sign up to bring any item by following this link.

Aluminium trays will be available on Wednesday afternoon in the hallway  for parents preparing dishes.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Amel & Selma.

1st Grade Room Parents.

Candied sweet potatoes (5 lbs)

4 items needed

Cranberry sauce (cans)

1 item collected / 2 items needed

Gravy (1 pint or 1/2 gallon, plastic jar)

1 item needed

Stuffing (box, ready to serve)

2 items needed

Vegan stuffing (box, ready to serve)

1 item needed

Bread rolls / biscuits (dozen)

3 items collected / 4 items needed

Corn bread / muffins (dozen)

8 items collected / 8 items needed

Mashed potatoes (5 lbs)

3 items collected / 7 items needed

Corn niblets (large tray)

3 items collected / 4 items needed

Green beans (large tray)

2 items collected / 5 items needed

Peas (large tray)

1 item collected / 1 item needed

Carrots (large tray)

3 items needed

Pumpkin pie (large)

2 items collected / 2 items needed

Apple pie (large)

4 items collected / 6 items needed

Fruit salad (large bowl)

1 item collected / 3 items needed

Milk lowfat (1 gallon)

7 items collected / 7 items needed

Water (1 gallon)

5 items collected / 8 items needed

Apple Juice (1 Bottle)

2 items collected / 2 items needed