Winter Market: THANK YOU !
Tue, Dec 13 10:29pm


And a special thank you to:

  • Ma box francaise who donated a wonderful box for the Raffle
     Don’t hesitate to visit their website for a small piece of France during your holidays.
  • To our cooking teacher Najwa Tamer who offered her time and donated 4 cake decoration sessions.
    Visit her website and don’t hesitate to ask her for a birthday party, catering,… 
    Najwa will be so glad to support you.
  • All our wonderful « artisan » vendors
  • Our special guest German market PTA
  • Homestead French Club/FNHS, High Schoolers
    Alix Bride (FASSV ALUMNI) Kenzie Murray
    Ananya Chandran Lela Hanson
    Clara Noujeim (FASSV ALUMNI)
    Mansi Patwardhan
    Eleanor Hanson Michelle Chen
    Eric Rugina Naaga Senthil
    Evangeline Wai
    Rohan Bedekar
    Hyeyoon Song Sutej Gurram
    Isabel Khayms (FASSV ALUMNI)
    Tatum Leuenberger
    Julia Bouron Tessa Lee
    Katy Hasser Vanessa Wu
    Kedar Haldar  
  • Our Amazing Volunteering Parents:
    Amandine Blondin Rodriguez
    Jonathan Hueckert
    Audrey Chanay
    Maria Korobitsyna
    Audrey Duet Mei Jun Yang
    Audrey Louvet Nicolas Breil
    Celine Bonnier Okehee Goh
    Clarisse Mazuir Qing Yang
    Diana Dow Rick Li
    Emily Minette (Quere)
    Samantha Herman
    Francois Callewaert
    Sandrine Bernard
    Geraldine Adams
    Souheila Blacknall
    Gwladys Louis-Marie Stacy Brown
    Hongli Tao
    Vanessa Lesage
    Jean-Charles Bazin
    Wassym Bensaid
  • All part of the First Lego League team The Universal Inventors
    • Adam Breil (FASSV 6th Grade)
      Annabelle WU(ALUMNI)
      Sofia PATOU (FASSV 6th Grade)
      Valentine DUTEIL(ALUMNI)

  • Last and not least, our Amazing Teacher and Staff
    • Emeline Moutarde
    • Souheila Blacknall
    • Juan Gonzalez
    • Juana Gonzalez
The PTA Team