Winter celebration
Fri, Nov 23 5:15pm
French American School
Hi dear FAASV parents!
The holidays are upon us and we will be decorating de Hallway for the winter celebration on Tuesday 11/27 at 3.45pm.
We kindly ask that each student of FASSV create its own contribution to the decor and we were thinking of making a garland made of snowflakes that each kid would make by hand (with paper, cardboard, foam, glitter....)
If each student could make a beautiful snowflake, with their name on it, we will assemble a garland using each of them.
Be as creative as you’d like (it can keep your kiddos busy during the Thanksgiving break!)
We will place a box in the hallway to collect the beautiful creations!
Also, if anyone is interested to help us decorate the hallway on 11/27 at 3.45pm, the more the merrier! Let us know!
Thank you and wishing everyone had beautiful Thanksgiving .
Veronique et Sego
K room parents