Yearbook 2023/2024 Committee: Call to Volunteers
Sat, Oct 28 4:42pm

Dear Parents, 

The yearbook is a tradition at FASSV, it contains photos of all the students, teachers and staff members and retraces the best memories of the school year.


 Dorothée Caminiti (Charles 4th grade mum)  will be leading the 2023/2024 Yearbook Committee, many thanks Dorothée!


The PTA is looking for one volunteer parent per class to contribute to this amazing project.


Time Commitment: Low to Medium, ongoing throughout the school year


The yearbook committee collects pictures from school events (i.e. Halloween parade), as well as activities, field trips, etc. throughout the school year. 

The Yearbook Committee volunteers will need to work with Room Parents, Teachers and Staff members to collect school related activities's pictures.

Volunteers from each class organize their classroom’s yearbook pages with guidance and oversight from the Yearbook Committee Head

PLIC Books is our Yearbook Provider. It's an online collaborative tool for designing Yearbooks. It also helps with photo collection and classification. A training session will be planned once we have all the opens filled.

If you are interested please sign-up for your corresponding class here.

Many thanks!

The PTA Team.