[Quick Survey] GMIS School Reopening
Tue, Jun 9 10:41pm

Dear GMIS Families,


With still so much uncertainty around school reopening, even in light of the recent updated Alameda County shelter-in-place order dated June 5th allowing care for all children to resume, GPO thought it'd be helpful to send a quick survey to help gather information about what our families thoughts are towards reopening and some potential options.


It goes without saying that there are factors that are not within any of our control, but in this survey are a few possible instruction scenarios that GPO has come up with based on our evaluation of current guidelines, proposals at other preschools like GMIS, and feedback from some families within the community.


Once complete, the results of this survey will be shared directly with the school to help guide them as they work on coming up with and communicating a reopening plan in the coming weeks. We will also be sharing its results with families so that you all can get a better sense of what others in our community are feeling and thinking. It does not intend to represent all possible options or promise that an option will be chosen.


Should you choose to participate, we ask that you do so by 3 pm this Thursday, June 11th using the link directly below.


GMIS School Reopening Survey


We appreciate your feedback and support of GPO, GMIS, and each other in trying to navigate a return to normalcy and the reopening of our beloved school! Best wishes for continued safety, health, and happiness.


GPO 2019-20