...memories of handprint trees and confetti cake
Sun, Mar 17 10:13pm




It's been a whole 24 hours since last night's Spring Fling party, and we're still reliving the fun memories from last night - from our fantastically entertaining emcees, to the beautiful and delicious cakes, to all the  effort and heart our kids put into the art projects, to the way our entire neighborhood came together to support our school in the form of donations, and to a lesser extent, the semi-mediocre Chinese food ;) 


Most importantly, we are feeling completely in awe of our generous parent community, who recognized that a cake shared amongst friends is a priceless cake. And that a kiddie art project reflects more than just artistic ability - it represents the joy and sense of pride that each of our kids felt when seeing how their individual contribution came together to become a beautiful whole. It represents the Montessori principle of individual expression while collaborating with each other.


Most satisfyingly, it represents all the potential that we have lovingly and selflessly gifted to our kids so that their learning and growing experience at GMIS will be a memorable, wondrous, and magical one. Here are only some of the ways that your generosity has, is, and will continue to help support our kids and build our little GMIS community:

  • GMIS community building events such as family picnics and classroom play dates 
  • Support of our annual Winter, CNY, and End-of-year celebrations and lunches allowing all family members to attend 
  • Teacher appreciation luncheons and gifts
  • Classroom support of teachers’ wish lists
  • Sponsoring annual field trips or special student enrichment events
  • Bi-annual GMIS camping trips
  • Parenting seminars 
  • Much, much more...

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you, as we strive to continue making this special night a yearly GMIS tradition. We are so heartened to witness the conversations, laughter, and  budding friendships from last night, and will continue to do our part to keep the momentum going strong! 


With love and thanks,

Your friends from the GPO/Spring Fling planning team