Announcement: Update on Placemats, and Reminder on Family Directory
Fri, Aug 31 7:18am

Hi GMIS families - 


UPDATE: Solution for Placemats; do you have a sewing machine?

If you attended this Monday's Orientation, you may have recalled hearing Vivi mention getting placemats for your child's to use at lunch. If you haven't purchased them yet, please hold off on doing so for the time being. GPO and GMIS are planning to help source and cover the cost of these for all classes to make it easier for everyone. We will be buying ~80 cotton dish towels from IKEA to use as placemats! These are easy to store and to use, and will be added to each class's laundry bag at the end of the week to be washed together. 


However, the towel size (20" x 26") is too big for the tables, and we are seeking someone who is willing to cup them in half and sew the edges to a smaller more usable size (20" x 13"). If you have a sewing machine and can help to make this happen for the kids, please let us know! (message GPO in Konstella, or email or email


REMINDER: Is your Child in the GMIS Family Directory?  DEADLINE MONDAY 9/4/18

  1. DOWNLOAD: GMIS Family Directory If you just joined our GMIS family, or are curious to get to know other families more, the GMIS Family Directory is a great resource for you! Thanks to everyone who has submitted an entry for the GMIS family directory, and thanks to Feng (Toren, Orchid) for doing such a good job putting it together. Please download the PDF, print out a copy, and cuddle up with the kids to flip through it together and get to know the GMIS families! If you have not submitted an entry, use the same link to download the template  and send completed versions to Feng at to be included.
  2. LINK: GMIS Family Photo Directory Upload your family photo for the hallway and emergency kits here. If you do so by Monday 9/4/18, GPO will print it for you. After this, please submit two 4x6' prints to the office.  

Hope everyone has a restful and fun long weekend!