Big Day Almost Here!
Tue, Feb 6 9:17am

Dear parents,

Final call to fatten up those red envelopes for our deserving teachers and staff!

It took us leaving GMIS this year for kid #1 to realize just truly how magical GMIS is. And Vivi and the teachers create that magic every single day, not with their snazzy marketing, but by doing the invisible work behind the scenes and being who they are in their heart.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who have already contributed. We'll report out on our collection shortly.

1) Drop off a check or cash in the GPO mailbox at the front desk with a note “Lunar NY Hong Bao”; or

2) Venmo or Pay Pal to: with a note “Lunar NY Hong Bao.”

With gratitude,

Reichi (on behalf of GPO)