GPO Officers- Call for Nominations for 2019-2020 school year
Fri, May 17
2 days before

GPO Elections 2019


Dear Parents,

It's election season! That means it is time for us to elect the 2019-2020 GPO Officers. Your current GPO Officers (Vanessa Chan, Joanne Ng, Jeni Yang, Christie Donnelly, Dawn Sung & Julia Liou) have all done a wonderful job for our children and our school for this past year. MANY THANKS to my co-officers for their hard work and dedication!  


It's now time for GPO Officer nominations. Do you know a parent who loves a challenge and has great ideas for our school? Do you know someone who is inspired by our community and would love the opportunity to contribute more? Please consider nominating them. Better yet, if that person is you, feel free to nominate yourself! If you prefer to share the responsibility, consider pairing up with another parent to be a co-officer such as such as Co-President, Co-Secretary, etc. All of the officer positions are up for nomination and here is a description of each one:



Preside at General GPO meetings, serve as an official representative of the GPO in contact with the GMIS Director (Vivi Teng), be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nomination committee, develop agenda for all meetings.



Record and distribute minutes of all GPO meetings, work within committees, prepare agendas for official GPO meetings, hold historical records for the GPO. Work with Communications in posting official GPO organization announcements using Konstella. The Secretary will retain all official records of the GPO, currently help in Google Drive.



Serve as custodian of the GPO finances, collect revenue at all GPO events, collect receipts/invoices and pay authorized expenses in accordance with the budget adopted by the organization, report financial activity, prepare year-end financial report, and hold all financial records (currently on Google Drive). The Treasurer will sign all checks or have all checks co-signed with the Director. As the outgoing Treasurer, s/he will make a full financial report at the first Officers meeting at which new officers officially assume their duties. The Treasurer presents the preliminary GPO budget at the first General Membership meeting and presents any adjustments to the budget thereafter.



Manage parent outreach related communications for the GPO including, but not limited to GPO announcements, newsletters, bulletin boards, etc., and oversee the Volunteer committee system. Currently using Konstella for most parent communication and sign-ups.


The GPO works collaboratively as a team and fill in for each other as needed.

We will have a few of our current officers returning next year, but some of us are graduating!


If you would like to submit a nomination for any of the positions, or if you have any questions, please send an email to  or message me on Konstella, by Friday, May 17, 2019.  


Thank you,

Vanessa Chan, outgoing President & The GPO Election Committee