Laundry Sign-Ups
Weekly on and Fridays from Jan 7, 2019 to Jun 7, 2019
Plum, Orchid, and Bamboo Classrooms
1 day before, 2 days before

We ask that each family sign up for at least THREE slots per semester for laundry, snack, pet food and flowers. The teachers and kiddies thank you in advance for all the healthy snacks, pretty flowers, clean towels, and yummy food for their beloved classroom pets!


SCROLL DOWN to sign up for Laundry

CLICK HERE to sign up for Snacks, Flowers, Pet Food (separate sign-up sheet)





Please wash and dry dirty laundry that is collected throughout the week. This may include small rugs, wiping cloths, napkins, or placemats from your child's classroom.



  • Laundry must be picked up on the last school day of the week you sign up for. This is usually Friday, but please note exact date if you sign up for a short school week. Clean laundry must be returned first day of the following week.


  • Folding laundry is an activity in the Practical Life Area of the classroom, so please leave laundry unfolded.