Lunar New Year Hong Bao Collection for Teachers & Staff
Mon, Jan 29 9:13pm

Dear Parents,

The biggest event of the year -- the Lunar New Year celebration -- is around the corner! Our teachers, staff and kiddos are working diligently to prepare for what promises to be a grand performance on Friday, February 9.


It is also an opportunity for our community to come together to show our collective appreciation for our beloved teachers and staff. In addition to educating our children and making them feel safe and loved daily, they do a staggering amount of “invisible” work: i.e. preparing for open houses and workshops, representing our school at weekend education fairs, designing and adjusting curriculum, building stage props, planning choreography, editing music, wiping their noses and butts -- and that barely covers it all. And all done with a warm smile on their faces, never raising a voice. Truly astonishing. 


Red envelope (“hong bao”) contributions are being collected now through February 7, will be allocated between classroom teachers, staff, and enrichment teachers, and presented on behalf of our community at the celebration.


This academic year, we’ve reduced our hong bao collections from three to two: Lunar New Year and End-of-School-Year. Suggested amount is $75 per child, but any amount is appreciated; participation is completely voluntary. You can:


  1. Drop off a check or cash in the GPO mailbox at the front desk with a note “Lunar NY Hong Bao”;
  2. Venmo or Pay Pal to: with a note “Lunar NY Hong Bao.”


Stay tuned for a parent volunteer sign up sheet for day-of assistance.  Looking forward to ushering in another year with you - the best parent community in the East Bay - on Feb 9!

Reichi Lee, on behalf of GPO (GMIS Parents Organization)