Message from Your GPO Regarding the Cancellation of Online Classes
Sat, Mar 21 10:35pm
Dear GMIS Families,
By now you have read the announcement that online classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the month and into April. 
A number of you have reached out to the GPO to express your disappointment over this news. Please know, we share the same sentiment.
We understand that the beginning of online learning, while a little shaky at the outset, was overall well-received. We know many of you and the teachers were encouraged by the results of the second day of online classes and were looking forward to the coming week. As you have told us, you appreciate how the online classes bring some consistency to your children's schedules and give them the chance to see and interact with their teachers and peers. At a time with so much uncertainty, some of you have taken the time to express thanks for the effort put in by GMIS teachers and staff to provide some normalcy in your children's lives. We thank those of you have reached out to the teachers to share your appreciation and encourage those of you who may not have already done so, to reach out to your GMIS teachers and staff to let them know how much their efforts mean to you and your families.
Those of you who have reached out to GPO, have also expressed concern with what the end of online classes now means for your children's education especially given the recent announcement from the governor that the shelter-in-place orders may extend further than initially anticipated.
As this is a developing situation, we want you to know that we are looking into how we can support families who have expressed a desire to provide learning opportunities for their children until it is safe to resume classes.
We hope to have further information for you soon. If possible, we hope to provide you with more information on further developments before the start of this coming school week. Until then, please know we welcome your comments and concerns as we work to chart a course during these uncertain times.
Your GPO,
Andrew (Astrid, Bamboo)
Grace (Zoe, Orchid)
Christie (Nora, Bamboo)
Susan (Errol, Orchid)
Sophia (Maddie, Bamboo)
Joanne (Oliver, Plum)