Sun, Mar 4 2:45pm

Dear all,


The beginning of March marks the start of the election period for our next GMIS GPO elections.   I am serving as this year's nominations chair to help run the elections to install a new slate of officers for GMIS.  Currently, our bylaws call for 1 year terms for all officers beginning July 1 - June 30.


The timeline will go something like what is outlined below, and there will be communications throughout the process.  Thanks in advance for bearing with us, for your participation with the process and for voting when the time comes.


Beginning of March Nominations sought with a slate of candidates and short statements from candidates to be finalized by March 16.

Week of March 19-23 - Voting
Week of March 26-30   Winners announced
April 2-6 - GMIS Spring Break
April/May/June - Transition months between outgoing and new officers


Please start thinking about who you would like to nominate, or even nominate yourself, for the GPO officer positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications. There are many talented and resourceful parents at GMIS who all have the same goal of doing their best to help enrich our children’s experiences.  Please consider running for a position, descriptions are included below.  Please feel free to reach out to me or other officers with any questions.    



Jeanne (Jessie, Orchid), Current Co-Secretary and Nominations Chair


Position descriptions

President – Serve as the official representative of the GPO and oversee GPO functions. Preside at General GPO parent meetings and GPO officer meetings with school administration. Be an ex-officio member of all parent-led committees, except the Nominations Committee.


Communications - Oversee parent outreach-related communications, including, but not limited to GPO newsletters, volunteer sign-ups, and Konstella announcements.


Secretary - Prepare agenda for General GPO parent meetings and GPO officer meetings with school administration. Take notes at meetings and manage/organize historical and official records of the GPO via an online document sharing system.


Treasurer - Serve as custodian of the GPO finances, including develop a GPO budget before the start of the academic year for parent approval; serve as liaison between the GPO and its bank; collect and record revenues and expenses; issue reimbursements and pay expenses in accordance with the approved budget, and prepare an academic year-end financial report.


Time Commitment:

GPO officers (President, Communications, Secretary and Treasurer) typically meets with the Executive Director one per month at a mutually agreeable date and time. GPO officers communicate with each other via email and Google hangout on an as-needed basis. Throughout the year, GPO officers step in to assist with school and GPO events as needed.