Parent Education Night: Wrap Up and Resources
Thu, May 28 5:17pm

Dear GMIS Families,


Thank you to those who participated in last night's Parent Education Workshop, The Trouble with Consequences, with Marcilie Boyle Smith. Your thoughtful questions, willingness to share personal parenting challenges (not to forget victories!), and senses of humor brought smiles to the faces of all in attendance and made for a valuable community experience.


We hope that you came away with insights and tips to add to your positive parenting toolbox to apply broadly and, more specifically, to better and more thoughtfully manage the next time an interaction with your child(ren) seems inevitably headed towards doling out of consequences. We join Marcilie in applauding your commitment and continued investment in your relationship with your children and skills as a parent.


For those who were unable to attend, Marcilie facilitated GPO to make a recording of the workshop, which you can access at the link below, as well as a handout with an outline of the evening's program, attached. We hope that you will find these resources timely, informative, and entertaining when the right moment presents itself.


VIDEO: The Trouble with Consequences with Marcilie Smith Boyle


In closing, congratulations to you all of our families for making it this far! These truly are strange and unprecedented times defined by what seems to be endless daily challenges and uncertainty, but thankfully quite a few silver linings as well. Thank you for your continued concern and commitment to one another, our teachers, our school, and the greater community at large. You are all that makes being a part of and serving this community such a joy and privilege.


We hope that this finds you well and eagerly await a day when we are able to come together again to reflect on this moment in time and look towards the future.


Until then, continued best wishes for health, safety, and happiness.


With gratitude,


Andrew, Christie, Grace, Joanne, Sophia, and Susan