Regarding Recent Email from GMIS
Sat, Mar 28 2:04pm
Dear GMIS Families,
Late this morning, an email was sent by Vivi regarding possible future directions GMIS and families might take while the shelter-in-place order remains in effect.
If you have not had time to read this email, we have copied it below. We ask that you take a moment to read this, consider the possible options given, and provide a response to the included survey.  As a reminder, you are asked to submit your feedback anonymously by end of day, Sunday, March 29
We hope all families will take a moment to provide their feedback and thank you for your taking the time to do so.
Your GPO,
Andrew (Astrid, Bamboo)
Grace (Zoe, Orchid)
Christie (Nora, Bamboo)
Susan (Errol, Orchid)
Sophia (Maddie, Bamboo)
Joanne (Oliver, Plum)

Dear GMIS Families


It has been a week since my last letter on March 22. Since then, many families have reached out offering different ideas of what could be done for the GMIS community. Many of you have expressed concerns about childcare, teachers’ salaries, distance learning programs, and tuition refunds. Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate your feedback and want to assure all families that I only want what is best for our community.

Among these correspondences, I received a suggestion from a parent who shared a letter from a Chinese Immersion School in the South Bay. This school proposed that if 80% of their families supported a Zoom-based video learning program and paid enough tuition to cover teachers’ salaries, that the school would provide it.

I do not know many details about this school, but would like to make a similar offer to our community at GMIS. We have roughly 80 students and our payroll is over $80,000 a month. Based on these numbers, I propose one of the following options:

  1. I will continue a distance learning program if:
    1. Enough parents continue to pay tuition in April to cover all teachers’ salaries in full - OR -
    2. 80% of parents agree to pay $1,270 in tuition cost to cover teachers’ salaries


  1. If we do not have enough financial support to cover teacher salaries, I will discontinue the distance learning program, and I will:
    1. use my best efforts to get reimbursed for the teacher’s pay by our government during these trying times.
    2. For as long as possible, I will continue to cover the cost of continued health insurance for teachers, rent, insurance, and other regular monthly maintenance costs for the school

I must be honest; I am deeply hurt by some of the letters that I have received, but want to push forward in an effort to address the needs of our community. However, I want to say Thank you to our GPO members (Andrew, Sophia, Joanne, Christie, Susan and Grace) for working together with the school and the parents! Please fill out this anonymous survey below by Sunday: 

Survey for GMIS Families


Let me assure families that if we are left with Option 2, I understand that some will still want some form of distance learning. Therefore, during this temporary closure, I would be open to families and teachers connecting directly in hopes of filling both educational and financial needs. In this option, GMIS would not be involved. 

Warm regards,