Saying Thanks to Our Teachers and Staff
Tue, Dec 10 1:30pm

Hello Parents,


Several times a year, GPO arranges appreciation gifts for our teachers and staff on behalf of all GMIS families.  It’s just one more way for our community to come together to show our appreciation for all the hard work, care, and support given to us throughout the year.


To do so, GPO relies entirely on generous donations from GMIS families. This year, we are asking for and collecting contributions just once to help support our giving activities for the remainder of the year. With these donations, GPO will arrange appreciation gifts at the winter holiday celebration, teacher appreciation days, birthdays, as well as an end-of-year hongbao.


We cannot stress enough that participation is entirely voluntary. Gifts will be arranged by GPO and made on behalf of all GMIS families. Donations will not be tracked nor made public in any way. Every single dollar raised will be spent this school year directly on teachers and staff.


For those who have asked, we suggest donations of $75 per child, although any amount is greatly appreciated. If you would like to participate, please submit your donations to GPO by Tuesday, December 31st using one of the following methods:


*Note:  If you will opt to contribute via check or cash, please drop off your donation in the GPO lockbox in the office and let Tracy know.


Thank you in advance for your kind consideration! Should you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to reach out to GPO directly.


With gratitude, your GPO 2019-20.


Andrew (Astrid, Bamboo)

Christie (Nora, Bamboo)

Grace (Zoe, Orchid)

Joanne (Oliver, Plum)

Sophia (Madeline, Bamboo)

Susan (Errol, Orchid)