Spring 2020 Snack, Laundry, Flower and Pet Food Sign-Ups
Mon, Dec 16 9:01am

**UPDATE: This sign up is now available online. Thank you for signing up!**


With a new year just around the corner, we are asking families to help all our kids by signing up for snack, laundry, flower, and/or pet food slots for your child's classroom. Thank you in advance for your help!


PLUM families are asked to sign up for at least ONE snack and laundry slot.

ORCHID and BAMBOO families are asked to sign up for TWO or THREE snack, laundry, flower, and/or pet slots. Scroll down for more detail on these tasks.


You can find the sign-up form for your child's class by the sign in/out binders.


As a reminder, you can choose which task to do and the due date for that task subject to availability. Families who do not sign up by Friday, December 20th will be assigned any remaining tasks. 


Snack, Laundry, Flower, and Pet Duty Instructions


    Please wash and dry dirty laundry that is collected throughout the week. This may include small rugs, wiping cloths, napkins, or placemats from your child's classroom. Please pick up your bag of laundry on the last school day of the week you sign up for, and return the first day of the following week. For example, if you're signed up for Monday, January 7, you are responsible for picking the dirty laundry up on Friday, January 11, and returning it on Monday, January 14. Also, folding laundry is an activity in the Practical Life Area of the classroom, so please leave laundry unfolded.



    Please bring fruits and vegetables for the Practical Life Area of your child’s classroom. Students prepare classroom snacks each morning, so please leave fruits and vegetables unwashed and uncut.

    Choose five groups of fruits and vegetables. For example: 6 apples, 6 oranges, 1 honeydew melon, 4 small cucumbers, and 1 pound of edamame. When possible, teachers appreciate seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables. Other ideas include:
    6 peaches
    6 bananas
    1 small watermelon
    1 pound of berries
    1 pound of carrots


  • FLOWERS (Orchid and Bamboo Classrooms only)

    Please bring a small bunch of flowers (roughly 12 stems) for the Practical Life Area of your child's classroom. Flowers from your garden or purchased are welcome! 


  • PET FOOD (Orchid and Bamboo Classrooms Only) 

    Orchid - Jigamasaurus, the bearded dragon's diet consists of live crickets, mealworms, and a variety of greens such as kale, collards, parsley, clover, dandelion greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, but NEVER iceberg lettuce.

    To ensure variety in Jigamasaurus's diet, please follow this schedule

    First week of the month: 24 king-size mealworms
    Second week of the month: one small bunch of greens
    Third week of the month: 40 large crickets
    Fourth week of the month: one small bunch of greens
    Important Note: Crickets and mealworms can be purchased at East Bay Vivarium - 1827-C 5th Street, Berkeley. Crickets are not able to survive very long in the bags that they are sold in. Please pick up the cricket container or mealworm container from Ms. Boblak the Friday before your assigned date. Cricket and mealworms should be purchased on Sunday and delivered to school on Monday.


    Bamboo - Lizzy, the gecko's diet consists a variety of ripened fruits, mashed into puree. Acceptable fruits include mango, papaya, seasonal berries, banana, cooked sweet potato, cooked yam, and even cooked carrot. Please avoid highly acidic food such as citrus, pineapple and tomatoes. Baby food versions of the listed fruits above can be used instead of fresh fruit. Lizzy only eats about three tablespoons of food each week.