Thu, Feb 8 9:08pm

Dear parents,

We did it!! Thanks to your incredible generosity, we collectively raised ~$4180 for our teachers and staff! We will be giving $400 to our full-time classroom teachers, $100 to our administration/operations staff and part-time teachers, and $40 to our outside vendors/extracurricular staff. Vivi provided general input on the tiers of giving. 


For Vivi herself, GPO is presenting her, on behalf of our community, a two-person tea set paired with fancy oolong tea from Far Leaves Tea in Berkeley, and a bouquet of flowers. (Vivi prefers the hong baos to go to her teachers and staff.)


In whatever ways you contribute to making our school great - whether its monetary, or with your time, your energy, your ideas, and your care for our community -- we value each of you and we thank you sincerely. 


Happy new year!!

Reichi, on behalf of GPO