Update from GPO
Sun, Mar 22 9:53pm
Dear GMIS,
We had hoped to have more information for you all today. 
The situation before us is complex just like the new reality we are facing. Finding a solution that satisfies all will take some time. At a minimum, it is good to remember that we share a common cause in doing what's best for our children and supporting GMIS. 
We are meanwhile encouraged by your feedback and ideas. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us. We hope we can continue to count on your honesty and patience as we work to find a way forward together.
Your GPO,
Andrew (Astrid, Bamboo)
Grace (Zoe, Orchid)
Christie (Nora, Bamboo)
Susan (Errol, Orchid)
Sophia (Maddie, Bamboo)
Joanne (Oliver, Plum)