Yearbook Reminder
Fri, May 22 12:03am

Dear GMIS Families,


If you are planning to order your family's copy of the 2019-2020 yearbook, this is your reminder to place your order by May 31. Yearbook pricing starts at $37. Also, May 31 is the deadline to personalize your yearbook if you are opting to add a customized section.


Your GMIS yearbook committee is close to finalizing the yearbook and is asking for your help by requesting photos of your children in their preschool from home environment as we want to show how our children have continued to work hard while we have been under shelter in place orders.


Yearbooks should be available by the end of the school year and we are working with GMIS staff to make sure each copy will be properly be received by those families who have placed orders.


We appreciate your order as proceeds after production costs support GMIS enrichment activities.


Hope you are staying safe and healthy!



Susan (Errol, Orchid)

Xiaofeng  (Lucca, Bamboo)
Weisi (Vivian, Bamboo)
Phan (Ellison, Orchid)
Pier Sun Ho (Luc, Orchid)
Fai Weiner (Arianna, Plum)
Jennifer Gray (DJ, Plum)