Yearbook Volunteers Needed!
Tue, Feb 13 11:43am

We are looking for a few volunteers to help with this year's GMIS Yearbook!  

Most of the work can be done online at home, via the Picaboo site.  Volunteers can choose which classroom and which event pages they want to work on, and we have a pool of photos to choose from (and may need to request more from parents).  No experience needed! Even if you have just a bit of time, it all helps!


Ideally we need at least one volunteer from each classroom to make identifying the kids in the photos easier.  We'll have an in-person tutorial on Picaboo and a general planning meeting for those who are able to join.  If you can't make the in-person meeting, you can still easily help out.


Please sign up under Committees (ideally by this week if possible, so we can get started).   If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Chan-Lagui (Matthew, Bamboo) or Jeanne HuangLi (Jessie, Orchid).